Lysergia’s background

Founded by Czek, and Odd2see, in 2018, but officially announced in 2019, out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Having grown up in the area, the two have seen the tremendous growth that has overcome not just Northern Colorado but the whole of The Front Range. With this growth has come an explosion of art, with Denver being an obvious focal point. However, it’s not the only place in Colorado that this is being seen. In the last few years or so, Fort Collins has had a huge jump in music and art. With the help of amicability and social media, the two have quickly and easily been introduced to talent from an assortment of genres and mediums. Czek, and Odd2see are just breaking into the scene, and, with the amount of talent seen just in Colorado alone, they knew they needed to do something to stand out. So, they decided to create Lysergia Art Collective, in hopes of creating a platform, not just for themselves but for any and all up and coming psychedelic artists.