IMG950722Colorado based, psychedelic electronic producer, Czek, has a strong  focus on creating weird, intricate, polyrhythmic, multi-layered sounds, accompanied by melodic structure inspired from across the ages.
Czek aspires to integrate the techniques of Classical, Jazz, Jam, Hip-hop and Bass artists to create soundscapes and experiences in hopes of transcending the scopes of those giants.

Currently, Czek is taking production classes through Slam Academy in Denver. With the teachings of Mr. Bill, Keota and Evoke, Czek hopes to excel into his craft.

With hands on a wide variety of genres from DnB and Neuro-hop to glitch and trip-hop, uptempo and downtempo, Czek strives to create an interesting and exciting live performance, different from the last. As of now, his sets are primarily DJ sets, but by years end, he plans on being able to do full original sets.

Since releasing his first EP, Preliminary Exploration pt. I in May of 2018, Czek has played a handful of shows in the last year, some of  the mixes are below.

 Bass the Halls b2b 12/22/18 
Chipper’s mix