We’re excited to finally officially announce Lysergia Art Collective, with the announcement of our compilation album, Puddler’s Guide to the Galaxy, dropping on Bicycle day, April 19th 2019. This album showcases not only local underground artists, but also artists from around the nation and a couple from different parts of the world. From local favorites such as Goldyloxx and Waylo, to Denver’s own PhLo. Also including Black Moon Syndicate‘s Relativity Lounge, Blapsta from the Rootabeggas, and Rute from Australia, among many other talented producers. Each artist was chosen for their unique styles, uptempo and downtempo, and truly psychedelic art. Puddler’s Guide to the Galaxy aims to be one of the most psychedelic albums of the year.

Album artwork by the amazing Gary Webb – Digital Doodles

Below is a link to our soundcloud page, also the links to the soundcloud pages of the guys on it. Please give em all a follow and a listen, you won’t regret it!

Lysergia w: font 1